Penguin Men’s Textured Porkpie


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In 1955, an ambitious salesman, traveling to new York city, had some time to kill before a flight home. He decided to pop into a local bar for a few whiskeys… walking past a taxidermist’s shop, he decided to buy a penguin to be his drinking buddy for the flight, who he named pete. At some point during the flight, he accidentally knocked off pete’s head. A stewardess removed the salesman’s necktie and wrapped it around the penguin’s neck. She joked that such a dapper bird deserved to be immortalized… with that idea – an icon was born.

Size: L/XL: 58cm
Material: 100% Polyester
Color: Blue/Grey
Tonal textured porkpie cap with pinch front
Matching tonal band with contrasting pete logo