About The Aging Hipster

The Aging Hipster is your source for hip fun pocket watches, great hats, bar paraphernalia and more than you want to know about whisky in all of its forms. Founded by self-described Hipster, whisky snob and pocket watch enthusiast, Chris Frishe, The Aging Hipster strives to bring you the best products and information that appeals to young and aging hipsters alike. Generally clad in one of his numerous vests and pork-pie hats, Chris scours the globe to find the products that he would like to have and brings them to you. Whether for formal occasions, casual fun or uselessly trivial information about fun topics, the Aging Hipster has what you need to always be at your best.

When not indulging his hipster side, Chris spends his time designing and developing websites, drinking and talking about Whisky or hanging out with his better half of thirty plus years, Rachel, their children and the various animals that have escaped over the years from Marlin Perkins during his adventures on Wild Kingdom.