Scotch Regions, a Breakdown

The flavors and complexities of the Water of Life in Scotland can be broken down into distinct Scotch producing regions. Each region has its own character so if you find a malt that you like, chances are you will like other malts from the same region. There are five scotch whisky producing regions: Highland, Speyside,

What does that mean? A Glossary of Whisky terms.

In our previous article, “Is it Whisky or Whiskey and what is the difference?“, we discussed the basic definition of whisky, the spelling differences and some of the types. Now we will dive deeper into some definitions for common terms used when discussing the water of life in all of its forms: ABV Alcohol by

Is it Whisky or Whiskey and what is the difference?

The word Whisky has its origins in the Scottish Gaelic translation of the Latin term for distilled alcohol – Aqua Vitae or “The Water of Life”. The translated term “uisge beatha” was simplified over time and the spelling was adjusted as it was assimilated into English to become what we now know as whisky. So

Angel’s Envy: It’s All in the Name

I am a self-described scotch snob with an affinity for single malts from the Speyside region but with this bourbon, it truly is all in the name. It is so smooth and tasty that even the angels want more than their share. The Macallan 12 year old is my go to whisky and I will

The Macallan…Need I say more?

The Macallan, in my opinion, is the height of whisky perfection. They have many fine malts ranging from their ten year old all the way up to their thirty year old and beyond. I have only had the occasion to try the ten, twelve, fifteen, eighteen, cask strength and thirty year old but they never